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ByRuss Bianchi

 This just in from a Zija Distributor…GOT ZIJA OIL & GEN M?!

~ Uncle Russ

My granddaughter Ruth, age 9 was bitten by a brown recluse spider on Tuesday at school. The nurse put ice on it but didn’t call Charla. When Ruth got home from school she was running a temp and Charla looked at the bite and immediately took her to the doctor. Dr. Jantz gave Ruth a shot and medicine but told Charla Ruth would run a fever for a week or more and feel bad.  The doctor also gave some cautions about needing to return immediately if certain things happened.

Charla gave Ruth two ounces of Zija, put Zija oil on the bite and in twelve hours Ruth felt better. Ruth continues to take the Zija twice a day. She does not have a  fever and the bite looks to be about a hat pin size. The doctor said it would get as big as a dime in 24 hours and could get bigger. Instead it is getting smaller.

I am so glad I know about zija.



Zija Oil ~ Amazing Results

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ByRuss Bianchi

“It’s not me, it’s the tree”

~ Uncle Russ

Zija oil. . . kept me from having plastic surgery!

I was bitten by a black widow spider on my cheek Oct. 21st, 2009. Anyone familiar with black widow bites knows the venom eats a whole through the skin. This is what was taking place in my cheek and the whole was boaring through to the inside of my mouth. I was advised by the Emergency Room Doctor I would have to have plastic surgery.

Luckily, my husband and I were able to go to the National Convention where they launched the skin care line. I immediately went back to my room and followed the entire regimen. All the products are absolutely amazing and provide a feeling to my skin I have never felt before. My favorite product by far is the Zija Oil! I started using the Zija Oil 8 to 12 times a day on my black widow spider bite and in three weeks my wound had completely closed. I have a “slight” demarcation on my cheek now, but it is not visible with make-up.

My two children and I also have eczema pretty severely and with the use of Zija Oil our skin is clear and free of eczema!

I am a licensed cosmetologist and have used many professional skin care products. The GenM line is far superior to any products of professional grade; because of the Moringa infusion in each individual product provides nutrition for your skin.

You owe it to yourself to protect your skin from the everyday pollutants in the air. Invest in yourself and your skin…invest in the GenM kit!

Tiffany Spratt