Feds: Many causes for dramatic bee disappearance

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ByRuss Bianchi

THE USDA published, only a few year backs, and I have a copy, a report directly linking genetically modified force fed High Fructose Corn Syrup, to hives, as well as genetically modified crops, that are causing the bee kills!

To suggest anything else is a BIG LIE and the authors of this Benghazi-like FRAUD propaganda press spin piece, should lose their jobs and be criminally prosecuted for public endangerment, including incumbent Congress, Senate and White House hacks on the take from Big Pharma, Big Chemical, Big Ag and Big Genetic Modification.

This feeble attempt to confuse, deflect, and flat out lie for profit, hearkens to the old Soviet Union saying about their 2 national newspaper INVESTIA and PRAVADA…News has no Truth, and Truth has no News.

~ Uncle Russ

A new federal report blames a combination of problems for a mysterious and dramatic disappearance of U.S. honeybees since 2006.

Feds: Many causes for dramatic bee disappearance



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