High fructose corn syrup: A sugar by any other name

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ByRuss Bianchi

HFCS, or iso glucose syrup in the EU & Canada, is a monosaccharide, NOT a disaccharide like SUCROSE (cane or beet sugar).

To suggest the chemical, enzymatic and acidified conversion of starch, from genetically modified corn (in the EU wheat) is the “SAME” as sucrose is FRAUD and empirically FALSE.

Additionally, HFCS is metabolized directly to triglycerides and LDL cholesterol or stored adipose tissue (body ) fat, not blood glucose, in the human KREBS CYCLE, like cane or beet sugar.

Calling HFCS ‘sugar’ is like calling a race horse an 11 legged and 4 hump camel.

One of two things is true about the author of this article, she is either a hack for the corn refiners (and therefore a liar) or has no knowledge whatsoever in saccharide science and human metabolization.

Americans consumed less that 6 pounds per year of sweeteners in 1905 (cane sugar, maple syrup, honey, naturally occurring saccharides in fruit, as well as molasses). In 2010, Americans consume almost 200 pounds per year of sweeteners (not including high intensity cancer causing ones never safely tested in long term human use) of which 103 pounds are from bad for you chemically refine porn corn products.

There are several hundred empirical books on this subject in the food and technical reading section of this web site, as well as the video and movie sections.

Remember “sugar” per US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) explicitly means cane or beat disaccharide sucrose, not porn corn that caused the obesity epidemic in America.

It’s The HFCS, Stupid.

~ Uncle Russ

Once upon a time sugar was sugar, and sugar was most definitely not good for you. So the Corn Refiners Association move to rebrand high fructose corn syrup as corn sugar is a daring move – but should do little to sweeten its reputation.

High fructose corn syrup: A sugar by any other name


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